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With our urgent care house calls service line, Concimed brings primary care to the location of your choosing. We help to address acute medical conditions such as cold, flu, bronchitis, stomach bugs, and others.

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Urgent Care House Calls

Doctor house call is an urgent medical care service we deliver to our valuable patients. 

Ideal for:

• Cold and flu                         • Ear infections
• Bronchitis                             • Headaches and migraines
• Allergies                                • Stomach flu
• Headaches & migraines       • Digestive problems
• Sinus infections                    • Food poisoning

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Primary Care House Calls

A Concimed doctor may function as your primary care provider. Assisted by our team of P.A.s and nurses, ConciMed PCP specialist addresses non-urgent health needs of patients. They conduct physical exams, medication management, & medical counseling in person or online. 

Ideal for:

• Annual physicals                       • School physicals
• Medication management          • Sports physicals
• Prescription refills                      • Employment physicals
• Preventative medicine               • Pre-op clearance

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young girl sitting on her dad's lap touching hands with her ConciMed doctor during her primary care house call

House Calls Doctor |Urgent Care House Calls in Florida, New York | ConciMed

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South & Central Florida

We service a variety of areas in South Florida & Central Florida with in-home IV Therapy, specifically those within Miami-Dade and Broward County! Unsure if you're in these areas? Give us a call & we'll let you know!

Unsure if you're in these areas? Give us a call & we'll let you know!

Florida map

Boca Raton, FL ; Tampa, FL

Miami, FL ; Jacksonville, FL

Orlando, FL ; Fort Lauderdale, FL

West Palm Beach, FL


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a house call?

A: A medical house call implies that a doctor comes to your home, office, or hotel to deliver urgent care and adress primary care concerns. We at ConciMed have a network of physicians. We provide one-off visits that can either be based on a specific service we provide or any non-emergent health concerns you may have. For those who prefer constant or preventative care, we design personalized memberships in which we address your specific health and wellness concerns and formulate a strategy to optimize your health.

Q: How long will it take a ConciMed doctor to arrive at my house?

A: We aim to respond to your appointment request within an hour of contact and will usually arrive to you in that timeframe. At certain times later at night or when our physicians are with other patients, however, it may take a little longer.

Q: How long do appointments take?

A: A typical appointment will usually take 1-2 hours, but we don’t place time constraints on our in-home doctor visits. We strive to provide the highest quality of care, so we take any and all the time necessary to fully address your health needs.

Q: How do in-home doctor visits work?

A: You first call us to book your specific service or let us know why you would like an in-home doctor’s appointment. We then arrive at your home, office, or hotel in about an hour or two. The appointment will go similarly to that at a doctor’s office, except more time and consideration will go into your care. If the visit is part of your membership, it will have been scheduled within your annual plan. Depending on your needs, doctor visits will be scheduled certain times a year—even monthly if necessary. You’ll be in a comfortable environment and can choose where in your home, office, or hotel room you’d like us to set up.

Hear From

Our Patients

Sergio L.

Came in under an hour and brought everything i needed for my sore throat. I'd recommend this to my friends and fam, so much better than going to the er or an urgent care clinic

Kara P.

Pleasant doctor, very professional and kind. i was in vacation in South Beach and got sick out of nowhere and luckily found Concimed. Came quickly and fixed me up. Thank you for saving my trip!

Patrick L.

Great service, we gave concimed a call and within an hour a P.A. came to see my grandma with everything he needed

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