Leonard Pianko, M.D.

Cardiovascular & Internal Medicine

Concierge medicine helps me establish a stronger relationship with patients. I can listen more, be available, and communicate more thoroughly with both my patients and their families. It gives me the perfect opportunity to provide preventative and holistic care and practice medicine as both a science and an art—as it’s both.”

internal medicine and cardiology doctor Leonard Pianko, M.D. wearing a white lab coat and stethoscope



's Bio

Dr. Leonard Pianka has been practicing Cardiology and Internal medicine for over 30 years. His primary expertise lies in cardiovascular disease, preventative cardiology, and non-invasive treatment options such as echocardiogram and nuclear stress testing

From the Bronx, New York, he attended Yeshiva University for his undergraduate degree. He then went on to the acclaimed Mount Sinai School, later finishing his training in the prestigious Robert Wood Johnson Medical School— where he completed his fellowship in Cardiovascular Disease.

Castle Connolly has deemed Dr. Pianko “Top Doctor,” and the doc proudly considers himself a patient advocate. Though he founded his practice years ago, Dr Pianko saw the value in joining ConciMed. Our concierge medicine model enables him to work more closely with patients, provide further education about their health and design more detailed preventative, diagnostic, & clinical treatment options considering their lifestyle and individual needs.



's Credentials

Board Certifications

American Board of Internal Medicine

Professional Societies
Hospital Affiliations

• Aventura Hospital and Medical Center in Aventura • Parkway Regional Medical Center in North Miami Beach • Kindred Hospital in Hollywood


Degree from Yeshiva University

Medical School

M.D. from Mt. Sinai Medical School

Post-Graduate Training

• Internship at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Brunswick, New Jersey • Residency at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Brunswick, New Jersey • Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Brunswick, New Jersey

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Virtual Interview With Dr.

Q: Which part of working with patients brings you the most satisfaction?


A: Working with them and their families and feeling their relief as they progress. The best is watching their lives improve in every way when they take control of their health.

Q: What is your approach to medicine?


A: I have a four-pronged approach that prioritizes the art of medicine as much as the science. It's meant to focus on creating a personal connection with my patients and their families.
I listen to the patient.
I'm available to the patient.
I communicate with them as well as their families to make treatment decisions. 
And 4. I coordinate a holistic plan of care getting advice from other specialized physicians and taking advantage of advanced medical technology.

Q: How does ConciMed’s vision fit into your approach to Medicine?


A: Working with ConciMed compliments my approach very well. It lets me take each step of the four-pronged approach further and really focus on preventative care. And I'm an old-school family doctor at heart. Before this, I still made every effort to be available to them. But ConciMed makes it easy for them to reach me and gives me a better chance to truly get to know them, which always leads me to provide better care as their physician.

Q: How do you fit your cardiovascular expertise into a concierge medical care setting?


A: I like combining primary care with cardiology because I can really know and understand the patient and ultimately give them a much higher standard of care. With Concierge Medicine, I can really go the extra mile and offer my patients my expertise in cardio combined with a strong personal relationship.

Q: In your opinion, what are the benefits of a concierge medical practice?


A: Concierge Medicine lets you focus on preventative care which is something I think every patient should do. It's better to prevent conditions before they happen.

Also, I understand why some people fear or dislike doctors since a small oversight can lead them to making mistakes that could be harmful. With Concierge Medicine, doctors and medical staff are better equipped to avoid this, since the model makes it easier to communicate and deal with conditions as soon as they come up.

Q: Which patients do you think should consider ConciMed? Who would you recommend it to?


A: I think it could benefit anyone, but I’d say that it’s especially good for patients who are short on time but still want to take control of their health. Also, anyone with ongoing conditions they have to monitor weekly/monthly will really benefit because it saves them constant trips to the doctor and ensures they’re on track.


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Hear From

Our Patients

Juan T.

Very professional very caring. In my honest opinion is he go out of his way to give me the best care I could get. excellent doctor

James W.

Dr Pianko is a very kind, friendly, and professional person. He's been keeping me healthy for about 15 years and I've never had a bad visit. He's the best!

Martine B.

Dr. Pianko has been my cardiologist for 33 years. I cannot recommend this dedicated man enough. I trust his judgment and respect him greatly.