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Covid-19 Testing

Q: Which Covid-19 test do I need for travel?

A: Your best option is either our Rapid RT-PCR or Same-day PCR test depending on how quickly you need results.

For the most part, an RT-PCR Covid-19 test is required. The CDC mandates a negative PCR test result for international travel. Testing requirements differ depending on the airline and country, however, so check with both your travel destination and the airline guidelines in case an Antigen test is enough.

Q: What is an RT-PCR test?

A: RealTime Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) Covid-19 tests detect genetic material from the virus. They’re considered the "gold standard" for checking if you're currently infected with SARS-CoV-2. This test may even detect fragments of coronavirus past the point when you are no longer infected. It's far more accurate than an Antigen test, commonly called a "rapid" test, as antigen tests detect viral proteins & require more of the virus to be present for detection. Your physician may ask you to confirm a negative result from a Rapid antigen test with a PCR test, as antigen tests can result in false negatives.

Q: Does ConciMed accept insurance?

A: ConciMed is a fee for service concierge medical practice, so we accept cash or credit cards at the time of service. We do, however, provide you with the necessary bill documentation to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement—which they may or may not choose to give.

Q: Do you provide stamps for international travel?

A: Yes, simply call us at 786-814-1295 as soon as you receive an email with your test results. We’ll provide you with a travel stamp upon request.  

Q: What's the difference between Antigen and Antibody tests?

A: Two key differences include: ① the method with which they're performed & ② what we aim to discover with our results. Rapid Antigen tests, usually called Rapid tests, use a nasal swab to confirm if you're infected with Covid-19 at that moment. Antibody tests, on the other hand, require a blood prick sample to check whether your immune system has responded to the virus by creating antibodies. These Antibody results can confirm if you've been infected with Covid-19 in the past.

Q: Does ConciMed accept insurance?


Appointment Info

Q: How do I book a ConciMed Covid-19 test?

A: One of 2 ways: You can call us or you can register your appointment online. Simply find your nearest ConciMed location to select from the COVID-19 tests available near you.

Q: Can I make an appointment on the same day?

A: Yes, we accept same-day appointments.

Q: Are walk-in patients accepted?

A: Yes, we accept walk-in patients. During high volume hours, we recommend registering quickly online beforehand. It’ll cut down your wait from a possible 5-15 minutes to 0.

Q: Can I test my children for Covid-19 at ConciMed?

A: Yes, our Covid-19 tests are safe for both children and adults.

IV Therapy

Q: What is IV Therapy?

A: IV or intravenous therapy delivers fluid into your veins to replenish your body's essential nutrients. Your body only absorbs about 50% of vitamins taken orally. On the other hand, your body absorbs 90-100% of nutrients delivered via IV therapy, since it moves quickly through your bloodstream and is therefore more bio available. It can address symptoms related to the cold, the flu, morning sickness, and hangovers. It can also help with dehydration, fatigue, and aesthetic concerns.

Q: Who can benefit most from IV Therapy?

A: Nearly all healthy adults are eligible for IV Therapy and benefit from its convenience & relief of common symptoms. IV infusions support your immune system, keep you hydrated, promote healthy skin, anal boost energy levels. It's especially useful for hangovers or athletes after overexertion to replenish hydration.

Moreover, many diseases have shown positive, promising results to IV therapies. For instance, healthcare providers administer the Myers' cocktail treatment for asthma, migraines, allergies, pain, & more.

Q: How does IV Therapy work?

A: The site is disinfected by your nurse and a needle is then inserted into your vein. At this point, the nurse will make sure the pump is delivering fluid at an adequate rate. The saline and/or added nutrients enter your bloodstream directly, so they have maximum bioavailability. Increased levels of vitamins & minerals results in greater uptake into cells, which will use said nutrients to maintain health and fight illness.

Q: How long does IV Therapy take?

A: This wholly depends on your needs and lifestyle. You can get IV Therapy when it'll help you in that specific moment—like during a hangover, jet lag, or migraine. If you specifically benefit from intravenous vitamins, then regular IV Therapy might be a good choice.